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Cùvierr Exclusive Retail is full heartedly committed to respecting and valuing your privacy and abide by the applicable regulations and laws to ensure that the personal data which have been provided to us is appropriately secure and processed suitably under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cùvierr Exclusive Retail is a limited liability company registered in Romania with company number J13/2323/21.08.2018 (referred to in this Policy as “we”, “us” and “our”).

The privacy policy and data protection explains to you the scope, type and purpose of the processing of personal data (referred to as “data”) enlisted in our website, content, functions as well as external online existences, such as our Social Media portfolios. The terms “responsible body” or “processing” used refer to the classifications in Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Customer privacy and data protection is our top priority. We ensure that none of the details provided by you are sold or lent to any entity. The data provided during the registration process is collected, stored and otherwise processed in compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679, other legal privacy provisions, and not shared with any third party, unless enforced by law, this would be required for the provision of our services or you have provided us with your full consent to pass on your data.

The following Privacy Policy encompasses all personal information related to you that we gather, use and otherwise manage in association with your relationship to Cùvierr as a potential customer or possible customer. Cùvierr will gather and put to use your personal information as defined in this Privacy Policy and as perceived acceptable by applicable law, including conditions where; (i) you have provided us your express consent; (ii) it is compulsory to give or complete a service requested by or for you; or (iii) it is deemed necessary for one (or more) of the proceeding legitimate interests pursued by Cùvierr:

(a) To ensure the appropriate security and functioning of our website, application and services, for example by eliminating the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

(b) To assess, evaluate and monitor customer patterns and develop a clear understanding of the interests and preferences of our main target audience so we can continually improve our products and services.

(c) To provide an elevated customer service and experience, incorporating a personalised website and Cùvierr updates related to products, events and services to ensure that they are more relevant to our customers’ particular preferences.

(d) To provide a continual compliance with relevant international laws, for example in maintaining the accuracy of our records and abiding by the GDPR.



In compliance with the EU GDPR 2016/679, certain information will be requested when you place an order, create an account on our website, interact with our digital content or send us an enquiry. In the cases that we collect information, we will indicate whether it involves personal information and, if so, whether the information requested is mandatory or voluntary for the service. Please note that in the cases where information collection is mandatory to proceed, we may not be able to supply the required product(s) or service if you fail to complete the mandatory information boxes. You may select from the below sections of this Privacy Policy to further understand what personal information we may gather and what use we may have for it.



During the registration or ordering stage you may be asked for the following information: full name, e-mail address, contact number, postal address, billing address, credit/debit card details and other payment information. We must bring to your attention that information may be obtained during the authentication or identity checks (as an example in connection to our regular fraud background checks when a purchase is made through our online store). We collect this information and use it to identify you as a customer or potential customer, to provide assurance to process your order, to dispatch your products, to process payments, to update our archives and to mainly manage your profile in our system under our terms with you. Providing Cùvierr with your personal details is generally voluntary but it may be that your order could not be processed and send you the order acknowledgement and dispatch confirmation emails if certain information is not provided.

Provided we have your consent or permitted under applicable law, Cùvierr may use certain information regarding the method or way you use our website or any in-store services to customisation our communications to you, adapt the content appearing on the Cùvierr website and how these are viewed to you and to individualise our services and communications to you and make them more relevant as well as enable you to experience the interactive features of our services.

Customers with online accounts, should acknowledge that we may if needed collect data about certain products you search online or purchase, where the purchases were made and other relevant information, on the basis of our legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f of the GDPR. We may also request to provide your gender and date of birth or fill out an online form about yourself, the product line preferences and your personal interests. Cùvierr uses user accounts and profile information to present you an elevated service in line with your preferences, including by identifying relevant services, product and events which may be of interest to you, individualising your experience with Cùvierr and to share information with you about purchases made in the past.

In agreement with GDPR Article 6, your information may also be used to contact you with regards to service-related matters, including, on certain occasions, to invite you to provide feedback on your one-on-one or online experience and to support you with any future purchases on our website, where permitted and in compliance with the applicable laws or if your consent is received.

Cùvierr may also use customer information for internal marketing analysis and demographic pattern studies, alone with non-personal details, to further understand, profile and track customer patterns in order to regularly enhance the brand’s products and customer service and apprehend the factors that may interest customers. This results in a more integrated and personalised shopping and interactive experiences to customers across the website.

We may extend information we collect about you with demographic and marketing information which we have obtained through affiliated third-party firms, in addition to other details which has been made available in the public domain or that we are, by law, permitted to be provided with, to ensure the accuracy of our data base, further enhance our understand of our key customer’s interests and preferences and elevate the quality and efficiency of our services to our customers. In the case where you no longer want us to use your personal information in such way, you can directly contact us at any time and request us to stop (refer to the “Contact Cùvierr” section below). 



Cùvierr may collect information in its own discretion about your connectivity method to the services on our website or any interactive content we may be providing. This includes the device used to connect to the website, the bowser, the location of the unique identifier of the device used such as an internet protocol address or a code. In the case of mobile devices location services, you can switch off the service through your location preferences whenever seen suitable.

The information gathered is used to ensure the suitable functioning and security of our website and social media pages, to enhance and optimise our services to you and further understand the effectiveness and usability of our content and services.



In browsing terms cookies are minute clusters of information which are provided to the device used when visiting a website or several applications and could also track information concerning your use of the website or application. Whenever you enter out website a cookie is sent out by our server to your device which permits us to recognise your device. In association with the identification numerals in the cookies with other customer details that you provide when for example you log-in to the website or link with our social media platforms, that will confirm to us that the cookie information relates to you.

Cùvierr intends to use cookies, local storage and other related technologies which may in some cases embed codes on or access information from and about the used device to enhance your customer user experience and the quality of our service and website. This information includes but not limited to, tracking of what is placed in your personal shopping bag, acknowledging your return to our website, detecting your internet navigation pattern, including the rate and location of mouse clicking, and the preceding website that lead you to our website. Cùvierr may also utilise browser cookies and other software to recognise how certain sections of the website are used and under its own rights and in compliance with Article. 6 paragraph 1 of the EU GDPR 2016/679, Cùvierr may also work in cooperation with third party advertising bodies who may utilise supporting cookies in order to help display adverts that are most relevant to you on other visited webpages and to permit us to assess the usefulness of those adverts.

Cookies are generally accepted by most web browsers. As a user you are able to alter the settings of your web browser to reject all cookies or to notify when a cookie has been sent out, nevertheless, specific features of our website may not be effectively implemented or disturbance may occur if you choose to disable or remove cookies.

Cùvierr uses Google Analytics, in compliance with the EU GDPR Art. 6 Para. 1 sec. f, on our website to gather valuable date related to the usability of the web features, and to incorporate useful product advertisements on other websites. To opt out of having your information used by Google Analytics you could visit

We will take your consent where relevant of our use of cookies and other technologies upon landing at our website. You fully acknowledge and accept that by choosing to continue using our website or services without adjustment of your cookie and device setting preferences that you, with no exception, agree to our default cookie and other identifier settings and apprehend our Cookies Policy. It should be noted that restricting particular cookie or other device identifiers will actively inflict impact on your overall user experience and may result in restricted website use.

For more information on cookies and other related technologies with are employed on our website please visit the Cookies Policy, including details on how you could manage your cookie preferences and settings.



Upon contact with our Customer Service team, calls may be recorded to allow us to further enhance our services, for quality control and assurance. The retention period of any recorded calls will not exceed 90 days. If you attempt to communicate with our Customer Service team via email or phone, our specialist consultants may request personal details to register you as a customer, assist you with your query, process and release your order, process payments and generally update our records and manage your account with Cùvierr under its own terms and conditions.



As part of our promotional offers (such that on social media platforms) we will be asking you to provide details or inform us about a friend or a family member or any person who you may have a personal relationship with and a direct two-way communications based on mutual interests or any other factors (Friends and Family) which may be in the best of your knowledge be interested in our products, platforms or websites. Information provided of your friends or family should only be given with their permission. Once your Friends and Family provide you permission to give us their information, only then we will use their information to provide relevant information about our products and services and nothing unrelated. We may or may not mention that you were the one who shared their information with us in our communication.



In compliance with Article 6, 7 and 13 of the EU GDPR, users of our website must be at least 13 years of age. If you are visitor under the age of 13 or a legal minor in your country of residence, legal parents and guardians must provide permission to use the website and must provide their information and agree to this Privacy Policy on your behalf. Cùvierr has no intentions to knowingly collect personal information from underage users. If it comes to our attention that we have inadvertently received personal detail from an underage minor depending on jurisdiction, we will proceed to deleting such details from our database. 



Cùvierr will mainly carry out ads in-house, however in some occasions we may employ third-party companies to generate ads and compile information anonymously when the website is visited. These third-party companies may utilize non-personal identifiable logarithms during your visit to the websites and other similar websites in order to provide relevant advertisements related to goods that may be of interest to you. These third-party companies usually utilize a cookie to gather this information. For more information about these advertising systems or to opt out you can visit (refer to the “Unsubscribe from Cùvierr updates” section below).

Unsubscribing and Receiving Updates from Cùvierr



Cùvierr Exclusive Retail can only send you product, services and events updates if your consent is obtained. If you have provided us with your consent, you can opt to withdraw from the service at any time by simply unsubscribing (see below “Unsubscribe from Cùvierr updates” section).

If you approve, our team will send you the latest Cùvierr updates through your selected communication method (e.g. by email, messaging service, post or call).

We may utilise personal information where you have “liked” our posts we have posted or otherwise interacted with our pages on social media platforms and my in return, use such information to provide relevant updates and communicate with you via those social media platforms regarding promotions, new releases and upcoming events where permitted to do so in accordance with the GDPR and any applicable laws. For more information about the method of collecting and utilising your personal information, refer to the social media section of the privacy policy.



If you have previously signed up to join the Cùvierr family and receive updates regarding our products, services and events, and wish to no longer receive these, you may request our team to amend your preferences. You could unsubscribe either as specified in the concerned communication, e.g. by selecting the unsubscribe link which is located at the footer of the email updates, or by editing your online preferences. Cùvierr will respect your wishes and will stop sending updates once you proceed with the withdrawal within a reasonable period not exceeding 31 days of receiving your request in accordance with the EU GDPR Article 17and 18, allowing adequate time for the amendment to be administered. In the case that you opt out of receiving Cùvierr products, services, and event updates, we may still send out non-marketing communications, such as electronic mail regarding your account or recent purchases made by you from the website.



Under certain circumstances, we may provide access to your personal information to other affiliate companies of Cùvierr group and selected service providers and licensees selling or promoting Cùvierr products and services or implement added functions on the behalf of Cùvierr Exclusive Retail such as placing orders, processing payments, and conducting promotional campaigns or management of data as permitted by the GDPR or relevant laws or with your official consent (refer to the “Service Providers” section). It’s preferred that you select from different sections of the Privacy Policy below in order to familiarise yourselves more about who we may share your details with and when. 



Cùvierr may provide your information to companies it has selected to manage its order dispatch service, courier company that may be used from time to time and other companies that may provide support services to Cùvierr, including website hosting affiliates. Cùvierr in compliance with the applicable law, may also share your information with other licensed companies selling or promoting Cùvierr products or services so that we provide you with an unprecedented customer experience. Furthermore, we may also share specific restricted information with entities who assist Cùvierr with various other services, such as, analysis customer activity and data in order to provide an insight on how to better our products, services, and apprehend what may or may not interest you and other customers and consumers. In such cases, Cùvierr will restrict to only giving companies information which is essential for carrying out their intended services and they are restricted to employ the information for other purposes. These companies would have signed an agreement to legally obligate them to use the information provided by us in the way we intended it to be used and as permitted by applicable laws.



Any payment made on our website are directly processed through our certified payment solution providers. Once an order is made, you will directly provide your debit or credit card details to our providers who will process payments.



Under certain circumstances, where permitted or enforced by applicable law or with your written consent, Cùvierr may disclose personal information of customers when requested by jurisdictional third parties in the intentions to abide and conform to any legal requirements, for the intentions of credit risk reduction, for the functions of obtaining legal advice, to legally comply with any regulatory process, to detect and prevent any fraudulent acts and/or defend or protect the property and rights of Cùvierr and any other members or affiliates of the Cùvierr group. In the case where we disclose any of your information for the reason of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction we will ensure that all steps reasonably compulsory to guarantee that it remains secure, shall be taken.



In the occasion where we or a part of our business undergo a necessary re-organisation or re-structuring or are sold/licensed to a third party, all personal information you have provided to us and hold about you may be transferred by law to that re-organised entity, third party or licensee.



All the personal information provided by customers through the Cùvierr website is processed and stored on servers at the Cùvierr headquarters in Romanian.

Cùvierr may transfer collected information to other entities in the Cùvierr group, licensees, franchisees, joint ventures, other affiliate companies employed to promote and distribute Cùvierr products and services and to specific service providers who carry out functions on the behalf of the group, based in countries outside of Romania and the European Economic zone or your local residence where this information may be kept and processed in such countries.

Some personal information stowed in another jurisdiction may be subjected to access request from governmental bodies, law enforcement, or courts in that jurisdiction in accordance to its set laws. Whether the personal information provided to us is processed by us or our affiliated companies within the Romanian territories or EU zone or outside if it, we will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard your personal information and is given the level of protection required under and in accordance with the EU GDPR and this privacy policy and in compliance with up-to-date legally acknowledged data transfer mechanisms, such as, but not limited to, a valid Privacy Shield certification.



Under applicable laws, customers may have the rights to request for certain details of their personal information that we hold, in order to limit, amend or discard information, or request for a copy of the personal information stored on our servers. Customers of Cùvierr may also complete opt out of any consent given to us at any stage and object to us using personal information for Cùvierr’s legitimate purposes (as indicated in this Privacy Policy).

If you wish to exercise your customer rights with regards to the personal information that Cùvierr holds about you or would like to amend your preferences at any stage, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team at It must be noted that our team may request to verify your identity prior to providing you access to your personal information.

For customers with online accounts, you may also access, update or amend your personal information through logging to “My Account” on the official website and change your details as seen appropriate.

If for any reason you are unpleased with your experience with us or the response you receive from us, you can express your concerns to your data protection supervisory authority.



Cùvierr will be keep information it’s servers as long as you remain as an active customer and for a duration of 60 months afterwards or otherwise required by applicable laws. Certain customer information will need to be retained even after a customer has closed or erased their accounts in order to implement our terms, for the prevention of fraud, to detect, issue or resolve legal claims and/or for suitable record keeping purposes. In addition, we will also keep a record of any stated request by you to stop receiving Cùvierr updates for the reason of ensuring we can continue to value your preferences and not contact you further. Cùvierr will erase or destroy your personal details in a manner which will prevent the possibility of restoration or reproduction.



Cùvierr will take suitable measures to safeguard your personal details from unintentional or unauthorized access, deletion, processing use or loss. Regrettably, Cùvierr does not have complete control over the security of information transmitted via the internet. Cùvierr takes full extent to protect your personal information, however the security of your personal information submitted cannot be guaranteed and any transmission is at your own responsibility.

Cùvierr however implements firm security features and procedures in attempts to prevent unauthorised access where possible. The personal information database may only be accessed by authorised persons in our organization, or our certified third party services partners (who require access in order to carry out the intended tasks indicated above) or other purposes which may be permitted or deemed necessary by the applicable law.

Customer information provided to Cùvierr on the website and online credit card transactions are transferred through a secure server employing Secure Socket Layering (SSL) encryption technology, in compliance with the GDPR. With the web key “http” found in the URL switches to “https”, the addition of the “s” indicates that the browser is in a secure address utilizing SSL; in addition, the browser used may display a pop-up message that will notify you that you are about to access a secure area or simply display a padlock image, depicting security. Encryption technology is integrated within our website to protect your personal information during the transportation of data. SSL encodes information used to process an order, such as your name, address, and credit/debit card number. It must be noted that e-mail is not encrypted and should not be considered as a secure means of sharing credit card information and Cùvierr is not responsible in any way if any such sensitive information is shared via e-mail.

Occasionally the website may encompass links to other websites not under our control. Cùvierr takes no liability or responsibility for the privacy practises, content or the data collected by such websites. The operators of these websites linked are not under Cùvierr and are not obligated to abide by this Privacy Policy. It’s advised to review the terms and conditions, other privacy statements or polices of these websites carefully as the use of such websites is subject to them.



This Privacy policy may be updated from time to time. Any amendment made to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the website and the revision date will be shown at the top of the page. It is advised that customers check the Privacy Policy page regularly to be updated with the changes. If we make any major changes to the content of the Privacy Policy you will be notified prior to taking effect either through our website or by sending notifications. Any changes to the material will only be implemented to the personal information collected after the updated Privacy Policy took effect.​​​​​​​



​​​​​​​If you have any questions regarding the way in which personal information is being collected or utilised which are not covered or answered within this Privacy Policy you may contact the Cùvierr Customer Service Team at Alternatively, you may sent your concern in writing to the Cùvierr Legal Department at Constanta, Strada JUSTITIEI, Nr. 24, Building Nr.5, Romania.


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